Oh great, now we have a new budget in Ontario too?

The hits just keep on coming!

I went to the Globe’s site to read about the new budget, but how am I supposed to take anything they say seriously when their leading headline is: Nearly all of the Republican candidates are political heavyweights with a real shot at the Oval Office???

But I went ahead and read about the budget there and it was the same kind of horrible I’ve come to expect – cuts to nurses, to the disabled, to teachers, all so our deficit can be a little smaller. Not a word about tax hikes for the wealthy, or for corporations. All the savings were to be made by cuts to the working class.

And of course the parties’ spin doctors were ready with great soundbites for the occasion – because budgets are notoriously boring and really it’s a lot to expect the average person to even listen to a soundbite about it, I suppose. Andrea Horwath had the zinger of the day:

“No matter where you look, it’s like Kathleen Wynne is implementing Tim Hudak’s agenda.”

Zing! A real knee-slapper, eh? That quote’s probably gonna win the day!

For all the good it does.

It’s hard for me to work up a huge sense of outrage about this because I’m just kinda shocked. What Horwath said was kinda true – as I read the initial reports I was reminded of the bad old days of Mike Harris. Cuts to teacher and nurses and the unemployed? It’s like the nineties are back, except the boy bands are shittier this time around.

And I thought back to last fall’s election, how voters everywhere were running scared of Timmy Hudak, and there was good ol’ Kathleen Wynne, arms spread wide, saying you’d be safe with her.

The spin doctors won big that day too.

For all the good it did.

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