Way-off-topic Tuesday, feat. Ray Charles

I tried to do a post today. I have three drafts of the shattered wreckage of posts to prove it. None of them were worth sharing. All I have instead is a list of excuses and a super-catchy tune.

First, the excuses:

It’s been a long week. I burnt my thumb today. I have so many ideas but none are coming out quite clearly. It’s is the last day of the month, and on the last day of the month we do inventory at the restaurant I work for, so I needed to count every last thing in the restaurant, right down to the toothpicks and take-out containers, and now my brain is just not cooperating at all. Also, today’s my Friday night!

If you have the day off tomorrow, enjoy it! If you don’t, enjoy the extra pay! If you don’t have a job, enjoy that! Remember to stay well hydrated, and remember that Canada Day is ultimately a celebration of colonization and imperialism, the commemoration of the founding of a racist and genocidal nation on stolen land!

Here’s a song that’s been stuck in my head all day. See you Friday.

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