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Justin Trudeau: He didn’t come back for you, either

Imagine, if you will, somebody who only gets their news from Conservative Party attack ads.

It’s not as far-fetched as it might sound – it’s perilously easy to avoid paying any attention to what goes on in the world, but political advertising penetrates the farthest reaches of classic rock radio and sports highlight reels.

Such a person as we’ve imagined would be quite justified in wondering why, exactly, anybody in their right mind would vote for Justin Trudeau or his party.

It’s a fair question, to be sure. I think it’s safe to say that if Trudeau ever had a brain, at this point it’s been surgically removed and replaced by a committee of pollsters, focus group analysts, cigar-smoking backroom party strategists, and ordinary middle-class soccer moms. His every utterance is calculated for maximum political effect on swing voters, his party’s platform a hodgepodge collage of popular ideas cadged from any source he could get his hands on. (See this brilliant takedown of his recently announced electoral strategy.) If the man’s had an original thought in the last decade, he’s kept it to himself.

But this line of argument would be foreign to our hypothetical attack-ad-saturated individual. No, they would have a somewhat different view of Trudeau; he would seem to them to be dangerous, a man unhinged, bent on power at all costs, lacking in any basic human decency, a friend to our enemies and a menace to the nation. Just look at what the Conservative Party has paid advertising firms to say about him (CW: graphic violence against prisoners): Continue Reading

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