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Bono is an arrogant self-important jerk who doesn’t care about the poor

Several years back I ran a kitchen on a volunteer hippie farm near Newcastle, Ontario. We had all types of transients coming through the farm, and all of them were strongly encouraged to either help tend the crops or work in the kitchen cooking the day’s meals or preserving the harvest. In the spirit of the dysfunctional laid-back-to-nature vibe of the farm, I kept rules to a minimum in the kitchen. In fact, there was only one hard and fast, non-negotiable rule: You can listen to whatever shitty music you like, but no Bono.

Looking back, I have a lot of regrets about that time of my life, but my injunction against U2 is something I’ll stand by proudly. Bono is quite possibly my least favourite person in the world today – and if you follow the news as closely as I do, you’ll know that that’s quite a statement.

My beef with Bono is that he’s very much “part of the problem” – he’s pretty much the quintessential “part of the problem” – but he’s managed to convince seemingly everybody that he’s part of the solution, that he’s being the change we need to see in the world. Which couldn’t be further from the truth: Continue Reading

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