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Are the HarperCons trying to give themselves retroactive immunity for indictable offences?

It’s getting hard to keep up with the onslaught of scandal besetting the Harper regime.

Nine years in power is a long time in politics, and there seems to be an almost-inevitable tendency towards corruption and mismanagement and arrogant hubristic behaviour in any long-lasting regime, “democratically elected” or not.

And it’s certainly true that Harper & Co. have made very few friends in the press over the last decade. The national press corps is surely sick of being kept out of the loop by the PMO and only spoon-fed triumphalist press releases at the whim of our Fearless Leader. Regardless of each journalist’s individual political preferences, the tendency has to be anti-Con, and pro-anybody-more-enjoyable-to-cover.

I mean, he’s lost the freakin’ Sun. For years they’ve been against him. During the hoopla surrounding the Nigel Wright/Mike Duffy revelations, and Harper’s inconsistent and evasive statements about what he knew and when re: Wright’s $90 000 hush-money cheque, the Sun published a national editorial calling on Harper to resign, for Pete’s sake.

So perhaps it’s just that the press smell blood. A vulnerable Prime Minister with a weak economy facing reelection against a surging opposition makes an easy target. Maybe that explains the slew of controversies the HarperCons are busy ignoring these days. Continue Reading

This week in The Canadian Government Does Stupid And Bad Things

Everybody who spends even a little time following federal politics in this country will quickly realize that Stephen Harper is a combative human being. He sees things in terms of sides, and if you’re not on the same side as him, then he will try to crush you, plain and simple.

This week alone was rife with examples demonstrating that disagreement won’t be tolerated. Harper’s mean streak was on full display in the government’s desperate attempts to keep child soldier and torture victim Omar Khadr in prison. He deployed attack dog and Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, who not only smeared Khadr, but also accused the judge who authorized Khadr’s release of not considering his (alleged) victims.

It’s a sign of how tired and well-worn this fear-and-terror rhetoric is getting that even the Calgary Sun wasn’t buying it.

Opinion columnist and unrepentant bigot Ian Robinson, who describes his attitude towards the War on Terror as “Kill ’em all, let God sort them out”, had this to say: Continue Reading

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