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Cross-Country Canada! And other old-school 90’s things that caught my attention this week

When I was a kid, my elementary school had a state-of-the-art computer lab, equipped with the latest Macintosh computers. Nobody called them Apple back then, and I honestly can’t remember when they made the switch. All I know is that computer class (yes, kids, we had a class in how to use computers) was pretty much the highlight of the week. At least when we didn’t have to use All The Right Type to learn how to type properly (which I’m glad we did now, because 90wpm!!!)

The Macs had a couple of rudimentary text-based adventure games, the coolest and funnest of which was Cross-Country Canada, a game where you were an honest-to-god trucker on a mission to pick up various commodities and resources in different Canadian cities. You had all kinds of risky options. like speeding (you might get a ticket), picking up hitchhikers (the game warned you about danger but nothing bad ever seemed to happen), and skipping sleep or food (which made you more likely to crash). If you managed to find and collect all your items and deliver them to your final destination, you could win a trip to Hawaii!!!! Although most of the time I just drove around confused about what the hell molybdenum was and where in this godforesaken frozen country I might find it. (It turns out Kamloops was where.)

So I was pretty excited earlier this week when I discovered I could play Cross-Country Canada online for free. Continue Reading

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