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Does it really matter who wins this fall’s election?

This Parliament has risen, never to sit again in its current configuration. It’s entirely possible that Stephen Harper has had his last day in the House of Commons, with a string of polls showing the NDP surging into the lead nationally. And it’s the first day of summer, and it’s a beautiful day. Life is good, right?

And here I am sitting here, inside, agonizing over what to do on election day this fall.

See here’s the thing. I’ve got a dilemma. I fancy myself to be a radical (on which more later). And one of the ways that radicalness manifests itself is in me steadfastly refusing to vote. Figuring the electoral system to be a rigged game run by the wealthy elite to distract the masses from who controls the true levers of power, abetted by a captured media which reenforces the whole scheme by granting coverage and legitimacy only to those parties and platforms which exist within a spectrum acceptable to the capitalist class, rendering the possibility of transformative change through electoral politics effectively impossible, I have typically opted for “none of the above” in the past.

I’ve not voted, and I’ve spoiled my ballot, and once I voted for an actual party called the None of the Above Party. Last fall, terrified by the possibility of “Ford More Years”, I held my nose and voted for Olivia Chow as the least bad electable option in Toronto’s municipal election, for all the good that did, and let me tell you, it did nothing to encourage me to vote again. (My partner couldn’t stomach the notion and bailed at literally the last minute, leaving a confused elections official holding an unmarked ballot.)

But this year I’m thinking about voting. Continue Reading

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